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Hi, I’m Kristina.

I Help Organizations Optimize Their Portfolio, Deliver Value Faster, and Achieve Strategic Objectives with Lean Portfolio Management.

Portfolio Strategy

This involves aligning an organization's portfolio with its business objectives, creating a portfolio vision, and setting portfolio goals. A successful portfolio strategy includes prioritizing work items and ensuring that the portfolio is balanced and optimized for value delivery.

Portfolio Governance

This involves establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines for managing the portfolio, ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, and managing risks. Portfolio governance also includes monitoring and reporting on the performance of the portfolio and ensuring that the portfolio remains aligned with the organization's business objectives.

Portfolio Operations

This involves the day-to-day management of a portfolio and the execution of the portfolio strategy. This includes managing the flow of work through the portfolio, tracking and monitoring the progress of work items, managing risks and dependencies, and ensuring that the portfolio is delivering value.

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