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E like Epic: Mastering Portfolio Epic Statements in SAFe

In the world of Agile and Lean Portfolio Management, the Portfolio Epic Statement holds a significant role. It encapsulates essential information about a Portfolio Epic in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), providing clarity, alignment, and strategic direction. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of Portfolio Epic Statements, exploring why they are crucial, what information they encompass, the timeframe of portfolio epics, and the benefits they bring to organizations.

Portfolio Epics

Defining the Portfolio Epic Statement

A Portfolio Epic Statement is a concise and comprehensive description that captures the essence of a significant solution development initiative within a portfolio. It serves as a guiding document that aligns stakeholders and teams, ensuring a shared understanding of the epic's purpose, objectives, and desired outcomes. The Portfolio Epic Statement acts as a focal point for decision-making, prioritization, and ongoing collaboration throughout the epic's lifecycle.

Key Information Included in the Portfolio Epic Statement

  1. Epic Summary: A brief overview of the epic, highlighting its purpose, business value, and strategic alignment. This section provides a snapshot of the epic's significance and its potential impact on the organization.

  2. Business Objectives: Clearly defined business objectives articulate the desired outcomes and benefits expected from the epic. These objectives align with the organization's strategic goals and serve as a guiding compass for solution development.

  3. Hypothesis Statement: The epic hypothesis outlines the assumptions and expectations associated with the epic's success. It serves as the foundation for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and guides the validation process throughout the epic's implementation.

  4. Target Customers and User Segments: Identifying the target customers and user segments helps focus the solution development efforts and ensures the epic addresses the specific needs of the intended audience.

  5. Success Criteria: Defining measurable success criteria allows stakeholders to evaluate the epic's impact and determine its effectiveness. These criteria provide clear benchmarks for assessing the epic's progress and validating its outcomes.

Timeframe of the Portfolio Epic

A portfolio epic operates within a defined timeframe, typically spanning multiple Program Increments (PIs) in SAFe. The specific duration may vary based on the complexity and scope of the epic. The timeframe provides a strategic planning horizon, enabling organizations to allocate resources, establish milestones, and monitor progress effectively.

Epic Owner

Every portfolio epic has an assigned Epic Owner who takes responsibility for its successful delivery. The Epic Owner acts as the primary advocate for the epic, collaborating with Product and Solution Management, System Architects, and other stakeholders. They drive the epic's implementation, coordinate backlog refinement, and prioritize the development of features and capabilities.

Benefits of Portfolio Epic Statements

  1. Alignment and Clarity: The Portfolio Epic Statement brings stakeholders and teams together, ensuring a shared understanding of the epic's purpose, objectives, and expected outcomes. It aligns the organization's efforts towards a common goal, reducing ambiguity and improving collaboration.

  2. Strategic Direction: By articulating the epic's business objectives and alignment with strategic goals, the Portfolio Epic Statement provides a clear direction for solution development. It helps prioritize initiatives, allocate resources effectively, and make informed decisions throughout the epic's lifecycle.

  3. Risk Mitigation: The hypothesis statement within the Portfolio Epic Statement guides the validation process, reducing the risk of investing in solutions that may not meet customer needs. It promotes an iterative and data-driven approach, enabling organizations to learn, adapt, and make course corrections as necessary.

  4. Stakeholder Engagement: The Portfolio Epic Statement serves as a powerful communication tool, engaging stakeholders at all levels of the organization. It facilitates transparency, fosters collaboration, and encourages active participation in the epic's definition, planning, and execution.

Portfolio Epics


Portfolio Epic Statements play a crucial role in the SAFe methodology, providing a clear and concise description of significant solution development initiatives within a portfolio. By capturing essential information, defining business objectives, and guiding the hypothesis-driven approach, these statements empower organizations to deliver value-driven solutions, mitigate risks, and align efforts strategically. Embrace the power of Portfolio Epic Statements and unlock the full potential of your Lean Portfolio Management endeavors.

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